MegatronWatch: Jerry Rice's yardage mark

For most of last season, we tracked Calvin Johnson's touchdown receptions as he challenged the NFL record. Ultimately, Johnson finished with 16 and Randy Moss' record of 23 stood.

This season, we should note that despite the Detroit Lions' disappointing record, Johnson is on pace to challenge Jerry Rice's record of 1,848 receiving yards in a 16-game season. Johnson's league-leading 1,257 yards averages out to 114.3 yards per game. At that pace, Johnson would finish with 1,828 yards. And extra five yards per game would push him beyond Rice's mark.

As the chart shows, Johnson is actually ahead of the pace Rice set after 11 games in 1995. Rice posted his record after gashing defenses for 563 receiving yards in the 49ers' final three games that season.

Keep in mind that Rice also caught 122 passes that season, which remains tied for the fourth-most for a season in NFL history. Johnson has 73 catches this season, a pace for 106 over 16 games.