Jared Allen: 'I thought it was a legal hit'

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Greetings from MetLife Stadium, where it was 37 relatively chilly degrees as I weaved through tailgaters late Sunday afternoon. Before we turn our attention to the Green Bay Packers, let's add a footnote to the early game between the Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears.

No, I don't have an update on any of the five Bears starters who left the team's 28-10 victory. I'm guessing it'll take some time to sort out the various MRI tests that will be scheduled. But I do have a comment to pass along from Vikings defensive end Jared Allen, whose hit on Bears guard Lance Louis caused a knee injury of unknown severity.

Replays showed Allen leveling Louis, who didn't see Allen coming, during an interception return.

"I thought it was a legal hit," Allen said. "He's running to make a tackle, so I just went to block him. I never intentionally try to hurt anybody. I turned around, he was running to make a tackle and I threw myself into him to make a block. My condolences to him and his family. I never, ever try and intentionally hurt anybody. I'm just trying to make a block and spring our guy down the sideline."

It was a vicious hit, for sure, and the NFL will determine whether it was illegal. Allen launched his right shoulder into Louis' right shoulder and might also have hit his helmet. The force of the blow knocked Louis down, but his left foot got caught in the grass and his leg twisted awkwardly.