Mariucci will remain on West Coast

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
Former Detroit Lions coach Steve Mariucci still talks with one of the team's owners, but he sounds an awful lot like a guy who is in no hurry to return to the coaching ranks.

Mariucci hasn't coached since the Lions fired him after the 2005 season. He has regular contact with Lions vice chairman Bill Ford Jr., but don't read anything into that.; he has some pretty stiff conditions on future employment.

Namely: "For me to coach again, it either has to be on the West Coast or I would have to commute," Mariucci says in an interview with the Marquette (MI) Journal.

Mariucci and his wife have moved 18 times during his coaching career, and they have set up a permanent home in Northern California. He suspects this arrangement played a role in his failed candidacy for the Washington Redskins' head coaching job. According to Mariucci, Redskins owner Daniel Snyder wanted his coach to live year-round in the community.

Plus, as an NFL Network analyst, Marciucci can speak his opinions freely. For what it's worth, his assessment of the NFC North in the interview seems pretty spot-on. (Interesting that he doesn't mention his former team.)

"Brett Favre leaving the Packers, and Minnesota without a veteran quarterback, and the Bears - I think the Bears hit a high-water mark a few years ago and kind of leveled off a bit," Mariucci said. "I think the division is up for grabs."