Todd McShay mock 1.0: Linemen galore

It's never not draft time for ESPN analyst Todd McShay, who has spent the fall scouting college football prospects and has -- in Week 15 of the NFL regular season -- submitted his first mock draftInsider in anticipation of the 2013 event. The entire file requires an Insider subscription, but I can pass along his choices for the NFC North teams.

Positioning is based on if the season had ended after Week 14. As you can see, McShay didn't reflect team needs as much as this draft's strength along both lines. Also, it's worth noting only one quarterback -- West Virginia's Geno Smith -- is on this list. For those of you who want to see the Minnesota Vikings replace starter Christian Ponder, that should be relatively strong evidence of how weak the 2013 quarterback class is.

7. Detroit Lions

McShay pick: Alabama CB Dee Milliner*

Seifert comment: There might not be an elite cover corner in this draft, but Milliner at this point is considered the best of the group. The Lions have looked elsewhere long enough.

18. Minnesota Vikings

McShay pick: North Carolina defensive tackle Sylvester Williams

Seifert comment: Veteran Kevin Williams is 32, and the depth of the defensive line in this draft would set the Vikings up to re-load at a traditional position of strength. Sylvester Williams is said to be a big-time playmaker.

23. Chicago Bears

McShay pick: Missouri defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson

Seifert comment: Again, this choice reflects the depth of this position in the draft. Also, four offensive tackles were already off the board at this point.

27. Green Bay Packers

McShay pick: North Carolina guard Jonathan Cooper*

Seifert comment: Typically guards are undervalued, so to get the draft's best at this position is a decent value. The Packers don't have an immediate need there, but you never know what can happen during the course of a season.