BBAO: Adieu for Greg Jennings?

We're Black and Blue All Over:

Greg Jennings' declaration Tuesday that he likely will play elsewhere in 2012 meshes with the sense we've had throughout the season, as soon as Randall Cobb began to emerge as a big-time receiver when Jennings was sidelined by an abdominal injury. The Packers simply have too many players coming up for contract extensions, from quarterback Aaron Rodgers to linebacker Clay Matthews to defensive lineman B.J. Raji, to squeeze a big-time deal in for Jennings as well.

Stranger things could happen, of course. Jennings might decide that he prefers to play with Rodgers rather than taking bigger money to play with a lesser quarterback elsewhere. But even before Jennings' injury, the Packers didn't engage in serious negotiations and seemed set to at least allow Jennings to play out the final year of his contract this season. Not only do the Packers have Cobb under contract, but James Jones has emerged as a reliable red zone receiver and Jordy Nelson remains an explosive downfield receiver when healthy.

The Packers' approach with Jennings is the kind that teams take when they are at least hesitant to commit and perhaps have already decided not to. That means it's possible Sunday's game against the Tennessee Titans could be Jennings' last regular-season game at Lambeau Field.

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