NFL general managers feel for Packers' Thompson

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

I talked to a general manager who said he had spoken to several of his colleagues around the league in recent days and his brethren are all feeling the same thing right now.

They are glad they are not Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson.

The GM I talked to said he felt terrible for Thompson and the position he's in due to the Brett Favre fiasco.

He said Thompson is in a no-win situation: No matter what Thompson does to resolve the Favre situation, he will be widely criticized by Green Bay fans. The GM claimed Thompson is one of the most respected general managers in the league and deserves a lot of credit for rebuilding the team.

But no matter what he's done in the past, his legacy in Green Bay will be based on the outcome of this dilemma. If Favre plays elsewhere, Thompson will be forever blamed by many Packer fans for allowing it to happen. So while Thompson is buried in a tough situation, he can take solace that his peers feel for him.