A classic tug-of-war

Posted by ESPN.com’s Kevin Seifert

For those of you who remember the heyday of ABC’s Wide World of Sports, the video below is one of the most awesome sights you’ll ever see. It’s 4 minutes and 32 seconds worth of the legendary 1975 Tug of War between Pittsburgh and Minnesota players on a Hawaii beach, two weeks after the Steelers’ victory in Super Bowl IX.

Make sure you watch until the end, where you see the victorious team celebrating like they just won the Super Bowl. I also love O.J. Simpson’s post-“game” interview with Steelers running back Franco Harris, who was so exhausted couldn’t lift himself off the ground.

ESPN’s Jim Caple produced this cool retrospective on the event. Here’s how former Vikings linebacker Jeff Siemon described it: “The worst physical strain I've ever been under. It was the most intense, brutal abuse I've ever gone through -- and maybe by far."