BBAO: Percy Harvin 'coexists peacefully'

We're Black and Blue All Over:

Minnesota Vikings receiver Percy Harvin will be back at the team's facility for at least one day soon to conduct his exit interview and physical. In speaking to reporters Tuesday, coach Leslie Frazier continued to downplay Harvin's departure from the team after he was placed on injured reserve and said he "coexists peacefully" with the franchise.

The Vikings have a decision to make this offseason on Harvin, who has one year remaining on his contract and thus could be in line for a contract extension. My sense on him remains the same: He might require more personal maintenance than most players, but he also produces more game-changing plays than most players.

That's not uncommon when it comes to building NFL teams. You deal with issues provided there is a reasonable reward. In Harvin's case, there is. He is too good of a player, and at 24 he is too young, to give up on.

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