Packers-49ers II: Aaron Rodgers on the road

As we get inch closer to Saturday night's divisional playoff game at Candlestick Park, it's become quite clear that NFC West blogger Mike Sando is on a mission to equate San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick with the Green Bay Packers' Aaron Rodgers.

Mike offered an overview to his position in this post, comparing their performances over the final seven weeks of the regular season. I can tell you that Mike brought more nonsense in a Double Coverage post we will publish a bit later Wednesday, and I imagine I'll have to listen to it once again in our Inside Slant podcast this afternoon.

As the NFC North blogger, I'm basically taking a rope-a-dope position. Mike is more than welcome to come at me with his QBR, his QB PAA, QB PAR and ABCs. I’ll just respond with a few key facts, established over Rodgers’ far more productive career, to use for the inevitable knockout.

We noted Rodgers' career-long avoidance of interceptions Tuesday. On this fine morning, I'll point you to his success as a road quarterback in the playoffs -- one of the most difficult challenges in pro football. Despite limited opportunities, Rodgers has won three consecutive road playoff games. He is one away from tying the NFL record in that regard.

To understand how rare it is for quarterbacks to win more than they lose on the road in the postseason, check out the chart. As surprising as it might be, the NFL record for road playoff victories by a quarterback is five, meaning Rodgers is two away from tying that mark.

Before you suggest those figures are merely a function of good quarterbacks playing on lower-seeded teams, consider that four-time Super Bowl winner Joe Montana was 2-5 in his career on the road. Terry Bradshaw, another four-time winner, was 2-3 on the road. Steve Young was 0-3, Troy Aikman was 1-4 and Brett Favre was 3-7. Meanwhile, Tom Brady is 3-2 in road playoff games during his career and Peyton Manning is 2-5. (Hat tip to Packers public relations for those records.)

So bring it, Mike. It's on.