Divisional round programming note

It's about time to take this show out west.

The San Francisco 49ers will be at Candlestick Park on Saturday evening, awaiting the Green Bay Packers for a divisional-round playoff matchup. My guess is that NFC West blogger Mike Sando is already waiting for me in the lobby of the media hotel so that we can make a Sando-like arrival at the stadium. (I'll just say this: "Sando time" makes "Lombardi time" seem like a quaint little notion that doesn't really mean anything.)

Given the long flight this evening, I probably won't circle back to the blog until Saturday morning. The Packers have released a completely unsurprising injury report: Receiver Jarrett Boykin is out and all other players are probable. If you're antsy for more, here is an easy one-stop link for all of our "Packers-49ers II" coverage this week.

I'll be looking for your photo submissions (via Twitter @espn_nfcnblog) for a Sunday morning slideshow. You can also follow along on our still-rocking Instagram account (kevinseifert_espn). In the meantime, have a wonderful night.