Leslie Frazier in 'The Super Bowl Shuffle'

Our friends over at Grantland.com put together a really cool oral history of the single greatest music video of all … I mean, the Chicago Bears' 1985 "Super Bowl Shuffle." There are all kinds of cool anecdotes and looks behind the scenes. I, for one, never knew it was filmed on the day after that team's only loss of the season -- the 38-24 defeat at the Miami Dolphins.

With Super Bowl XLVII nearly upon us, I highly encourage you to read and enjoy this story of Super Bowl hype from an earlier age. Below is an excerpt with a modern-day NFC North connection. As you know, current Minnesota Vikings coach Leslie Frazier was a defensive back on that team and appeared in the video as part of the chorus. (He's wearing No. 21 in the back and to the right.) Apparently Frazier didn't earn any dancing awards for his performance. Here is that portion of the Grantland story:


Leslie Frazier (Chicago Bears safety/cornerback, 1981-85/Chicago Bears Shufflin' Crew chorus): I was told, "This is what you're going to be doing, dancing in the background," which was fine with me. When it got bigger I thought I wouldn't have minded having a singing role, not that I can sing.

[Shaun] Gayle: Some of us just wanted to be in the back. We said we'd participate, didn't say to what level.

[Dan] Rains: I think Willie Gault caught everybody off guard, not many people knew he was doing this, so the next thing you know we're at the video shoot, people are choosing instruments, and the guys that were leftover were the dancers. It didn't matter to me. I like to dance. I can't dance anymore 'cause of my knees, but I liked to dance.

[Jim] Morrissey: I wish I grabbed an instrument. I had the opportunity for the drums and I passed it up. Instead, I've been ridiculed the last 27 years by my family, my friends, and everybody for trying to dance.

[Stefan] Humphries: All those guys that were dancing weren't very good. Mike Singletary made up the steps and was helping everybody out, but Keith Ortego could have used some more help.

Frazier: I also remember Mike trying to get everybody up when things were lagging -- that was Mike. He's that spark that gets things going. That's who he is, a natural-born leader.

[Richard] Dent: Leslie Frazier was all off-beat, him being a black guy and couldn't have a beat was kind of funny.