Greg Jennings: 'Putting my ducks in a row'

On Thursday, the Green Bay Packers learned that their all-time leading receiver plans to retire. On Friday, we heard another top receiver speak realistically about the likelihood that he will be with another team in 2013.

Greg Jennings is making the media rounds at Super Bowl XLVII, and the video shows about seven minutes of his appearance on ESPN's "First Take." Jennings is a pending free agent, has put his Wisconsin house up for sale and seems resigned to the fact that he won't be back with the Packers.

Most of this assumption is based on the Packers' lack of action in re-signing him. Typically, teams enter negotiations earlier than now so as to eliminate the leverage of free agency.

Jennings said his departure is "not a done deal" even though his house is for sale, but he added: "I'm just making sure I'm preparing myself and putting my ducks in a row. I don't want to be the na├»ve one and believe I'm going to be in Green Bay because there is a chance that I'm not. So I'm doing the things I feel that I need to do for myself and my family as far preparing them for change, talking about change with my kids, making sure it doesn’t catch us by surprise."

Asked if he was upset that the Packers haven't been proactive with his situation, Jennings said:

"I think any athlete, any person, any player in my position would say that they feel like their team that they've been with and are loyal to should step up to the plate. But I understand the business part of it. I'm OK with it. I've worked to put myself in a position of free agency where I can still do OK for myself if it's outside of Green Bay.

"I'm embracing change if change comes about. Would I like to stay in Green Bay? Absolutely. They know that. They understand that. The fans understand that. The reality of it is when you become a free agent, there are other options out there. So I'm embracing the opportunity to have those options."

With Driver and Jennings playing elsewhere in 2013, the Packers would still have a receiving corps that includes James Jones, Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson. When healthy, that's a pretty nice trio. But teams can't plan for immaculate health, and assuming Jennings leaves, the Packers will need to identify and develop depth behind them.