Hello blog, Indy, and blogging in Indy

INDIANAPOLIS -- Hi, everyone. I'm sorry for the unscheduled absence over the past week. It was unavoidable.

Anyway, I've resurfaced in Indianapolis in time for the start of the NFL scouting combine. My plan is to focus on media availabilities with NFC North general managers and coaches, which start Thursday, and leave the college player evaluations to our team of Scouts Inc. experts.

I will intersperse draft news and player nuggets into our blog coverage when relevant to the divisional audience, and we'll have our usual fun along the way. In a bit, I'll publish a Quick Take post to catch us up on the news I missed and then we'll be free and clear to forage ahead.

For some reading material in the time being, be sure to check our ESPN.com draft page. Also, for Insider subscribers, here is ESPN analyst Bill Polian's takeInsider on each team's top needs.