Chris Johnson aiming for Adrian Peterson

You know the drill. A player is asked whether he will outperform a contemporary. The player says, "of course." And off we go.

Tennessee Titans tailback Chris Johnson said on ESPN that he will rush for more yards than the Minnesota Vikings' Adrian Peterson in 2013. Referring to himself as "2K," Johnson said:

"I'm very confident. I've always been a confident guy. This is a situation, if you want something to happen, you've got to speak on it. You've got to believe in it and you've got to pray and God will lead you there. It's the kind of situation where I know the kind of guy I am. I know the kind of back I am. If the situation is right for me, I know I can do it."

The chart shows how Johnson and Peterson have performed "against" each other over the years. Peterson topped Johnson, and all other NFL backs, with his 2,097-yard performance last season, but it was the first time he had finished with more yards in a season than Johnson since Johnson's rookie season of 2008.