Black and Blue all over: Bears tweak lineup

Posted by ESPN.com’s Kevin Seifert

Several significant personnel moves surfaced late Wednesday evening in Chicago, most of which should make Bears fans breathe a modest sigh of relief.

As ESPN Chicago’s Jeff Dickerson outlines, left guard Frank Omiyale has been benched after a terrible start to his Bears tenure. Former starter Josh Beekman has been promoted back into the starting role. Meanwhile, Hunter Hillenmeyer has been re-installed as the middle linebacker, with Nick Roach moving to the strong side.

All of these moves make sense. I know the Bears are paying Omiyale $6.3 million this season as part of his lucrative free-agent contract, but he simply hasn’t played well enough to start. Beekman’s size, or lack thereof, was the reason the Bears pursued Omiyale in the first place, but at this point he provides a steadier option.

And I think the Bears had little choice but to arrange their linebackers this way. Hillenmeyer’s experience at the position gives them a better chance at addressing the organizational issues that have plagued the defense in past weeks. And if I had a choice, I’d rather have Roach playing on the outside than Hillenmeyer.

That it took so long for these moves to happen is a topic for another day. In the case of left guard, especially, I imagine there were multiple layers of push and pull going on.

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