Full 2013 franchise figures

To follow up on the previous post, and take us into the weekend barring late-breaking news, below are the precise franchise tag figures for every position in the 2013 offseason. Teams have until Monday afternoon to use the tag, which requires an equal commitment in salary cap dollars.

The Chicago Bears could use the tag on defensive tackle Henry Melton, while there is an outside chance the Minnesota Vikings could use theirs on right tackle Phil Loadholt. The rest of the numbers are listed for your reference. Courtesy NFL.com:

  • Quarterback: $14.896 million

  • Running back: $8.219 million

  • Receiver: $10.537 million

  • Tight end: $6.066 million

  • Offensive line: $9.828 million

  • Defensive tackle: $8.450 million

  • Defensive end: $11.175 million

  • Linebacker: $9.619 million

  • Cornerback: $10.854 million

  • Safety: $6.916 million

  • Kicker/punter: $2.977 million