Steven Jackson can be 'counter-puncher'

So before we get too carried away about the possibility of the Green Bay Packers pursuing free agent running back Steven Jackson, we should acknowledge one significant missing piece of the puzzle: A credible indication that the Packers are interested.

Officially, teams are prohibited from expressing interest in free agents until midnight Saturday. But it's sometimes possible to get an unofficial feel about intentions, and I can't say I've heard anything to suggest the Packers are so excited that they will call Jackson's agent at 12:01 a.m. ET.

What we can say: Jackson would be game for a situation such as the Packers, who wouldn't necessarily make him the focal point of their offense but could use his services to better contend for the Super Bowl.

"I don't have to ground and pound it," Jackson said. "But if you're saying I would still contribute to the team, we're a passing offense, but you still see me as a counter-puncher, we can talk."

We already know the Packers won't sit out this free-agency period; they hosted defensive lineman Chris Canty this week at Lambeau Field. Whether they would be willing to make a financial commitment to a 29-year-old running back, one with nearly 2,800 touches in nine seasons, is a separate issue.

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