Adrian Peterson: 'Kicked in the stomach'

If you're wondering what Minnesota Vikings players think about their team's decision to trade receiver Percy Harvin, look no further than what MVP tailback Adrian Peterson tweeted a few moments ago:

Peterson went on to tweet: "I wish my boy Percy nothing but success! God bless you homie"

Earlier, we discussed the likelihood that the Vikings rendered judgment on Harvin based on much more information than the public is aware of. But those sort of off-the-field issues don't matter to teammates who want to win, like Peterson, and know that the Vikings are going to have to work awfully hard just to get back to even at receiver upon Harvin's departure. I'll have more on that topic in a bit.

I wouldn't overreact to this tweet. Peterson is allowed a moment of frustration. He'll get over it, just like NFL players get over all other front-office decisions. Eventually, we all move on.