Black and Blue all over: Favre speculation in overdrive

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
The best of the NFC North this morning:

  • Would Brett Favre's legacy be tarnished if he plays past his athletic prime? Or if he leaves the Packers to play with another team? For what it's worth, the Green Bay Press-Gazette notes that legendary quarterback Bart Starr remains an "icon" despite a nine-year stint as the team's head coach that was not nearly as successful as his playing career.

  • We're not sure how this would be accepted in the scientific polling community. But on Sunday, a Chicago company called every name listed in the Green Bay phone book -- about 50,000 -- to ask their opinion about Favre. About 21,000 people picked up the phone and just under 10,000 people participated. Here are the (surprising) results: While 74 percent said the Packers should keep his rights, only 33 percent said he should be the starting quarterback.

  • On the day Favre retired, Vikings safety Darren Sharper -- a former Favre teammate in Green Bay -- predicted that Favre wasn't finished playing. Sharper said over the weekend that he wasn't surprised to hear Favre's intentions but that he backs Tarvaris Jackson as the Vikings' starter.

  • Sharper, 32, claims he ran a 40-yard dash in 4.4 seconds during offseason workouts.

  • Minnesota's Brad Childress wasn't the only NFC North coach facing Favre questions this weekend. Detroit's Rod Marinelli also had little to say on the subject when contacted by the Detroit News.