Greg Jennings visit to Minnesota under way

We started this long day discussing receiver Greg Jennings' pending visit with the Minnesota Vikings, and so we'll end it there as well.

According to multiple reporters in full stakeout mode, Jennings spent Thursday night at dinner in downtown Minneapolis with general manager Rick Spielman, coach Leslie Frazier and defensive end Jared Allen, among others. If this visit follows the form of other such events, the group will reconvene Friday at the Vikings' practice facility to continue discussions.

Typically, that's the time when contract figures and other business matters are handled. For what it's worth, there is no reading into the details of this visit. I've seen the Vikings sign players after taking them out to dinner the night before, and I've seen others leave town without a contract. All we can say is that Jennings is interested enough to make the trip and listen.

We'll let you know of any and all updates Friday.