Donald Driver expects Urlacher retirement

Thursday was an opportune day for retired Green Bay Packers receiver Donald Driver to be at ESPN's headquarters in Bristol, Conn. In this "SportsCenter" appearance, Driver offered an honest assessment of Urlacher's declining skills and predicted he will retire.

Asked what Urlacher could offer a new team, Driver said:

"I think the only thing he can offer is the leadership part of it. One thing about it, Urlacher has slowed down a little bit. You all get up in years -- especially myself -- you know you can still play the game and you think you can still play the game. But at the end of the day you have nothing to prove."

Last season, Driver accepted a pay cut to return to the Packers for a final season and ultimately spent most of the season on the sideline. When the Packers informed him they would move on this year, Driver retired rather than pursue a job elsewhere.

"[Urlacher] is going to have to sit down and make some tough decisions," Driver said. "But I think he'll retire as a Bear. This might be it for him."

Bonus tease: Driver also revealed his reaction to receiver Greg Jennings' decision to sign with the Minnesota Vikings. It included the words "nuts" and "crazy," but Driver also expressed relief that Jennings now won't break his team receiving records.