On The Clock: Read-option

The video presents a really detailed and interesting discussion of the NFL future of the read-option offense, one that has obvious application in the NFC North. The Green Bay Packers, after all, are dedicating a good portion of their offseason to figuring out what went wrong in their playoff debacle against the San Francisco 49ers.

Mel Kiper Jr. suggested the read-option will fade away because of the physical beating it exposes quarterbacks to, while Chris Mortensen argued that teams will use young -- and cheaper -- quarterbacks in the read-option but move away from it when those players' salaries rise.

In the end, Trent Dilfer argued, "it's mathematics." The read-option will last "because it creates conflict for the defense," Dilfer said.

The Packers' defensive coaching staff spent a day in a clinic at Texas A&M on the topic. Speaking last month at the NFL owners' meeting, Packers coach Mike McCarthy said the key to finding a antidote is to "have more than one plan."

McCarthy added: "You can't always just have the same player on the dive, same player on the pitch and the same player on the quarterback. Those are the types of things we're spending more time than we ever have obviously. I feel very confident and I like the way the conversations have gone."