Gearing up for Schedule Day

Thursday is the NFL's offseason national holiday, or, at least the one that comes after the free-agent market opens and before the draft. The league will announce its 2013 schedule at 8 p.m. ET, and I'll be ready to offer instant analysis and outrage in a moment's time here on the blog.

For the time being, you can refresh yourself on each NFC North team's opponents, established as soon as the 2012 regular season ended. In addition to its intra-division schedule, Black and Blue teams will face the AFC North and NFC East in 2013.

Two games are determined by each team's divisional finish, which will lead to a spicy matchup between the Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahawks, who have signed approximately 90 percent of the Vikings' roster over the past few years. It will also give the Green Bay Packers another shot at the San Francisco 49ers' read-option offense.

ESPN.com has posted a chart with each team's 2013 strength-of-schedule (SOS) over on the Nation blog. I'm not a big fan of preseason SOS, given how much changes between one season to the next in the NFL, but feel free to explore it while you wait for this evening's big reveal.