Sport Science: DeAndre Hopkins

We noted last week that ESPN analyst Todd McShay considers Clemson receiver DeAndre Hopkins to have some of the best hands in the draft. This Sport Science video offers three minutes of illustration.

Hopkins' hands are 20 percent larger than average, and he uses his fingers almost exclusively to make catches. At one point in this demonstration, Hopkins caught 48 consecutive passes with one hand.

Note: Here is a handy link to all of the Sport Science videos we've posted on the blog to help personalize the players NFC North teams might draft. The list includes Alabama cornerback Dee Milliner, defensive ends Ezekiel Ansah (BYU) and Dion Jordan (Oregon), receivers Denard Robinson (Michigan) and Cordarrelle Patterson (Tennessee), linebacker Alec Ogletree, and defensive lineman Sylvester Williams. Here is a link to the entire 2013 series.