ESPN.com #bloggermock coming Tuesday

Good news! For the second consecutive year, ESPN.com's NFL blog network will reveal our 2013 mock draft in a live format that allows for instant analysis, discussion, interaction and reader input.

Here's how it will work:

Shortly before noon ET on Tuesday, a live chat module will post on all eight divisional blogs as well as the Nation blog. I'll join seven bloggers to reveal our first-round choices in a structure that allows for trades. ESPN's Matt Williamson will be on hand to analyze the choices.

You can join in on the chat either directly or through Twitter via the #bloggermock hashtag. In other words, use the hashtag so we can see your tweets and pull them in. As soon as each NFC North team's picks are revealed, I'll tweet them out (@espn_nfcnblog). Shortly afterwards, I'll post a separate explanation for my choices and decisions.

Because this is a day-to-day world, I'll remind you Tuesday morning.