Vikings uniform changes pre-revealed?

So as you know, the Minnesota Vikings are set to reveal their new uniforms Thursday evening before the start of the 2013 draft. Our man Paul Lukas, who writes the very popular and thorough Uni-Watch blog, has come through with a confirmed leak of what they are expected to look like. Apparently, a Jacksonville television station mistakenly posted embargoed photographs in conjunction with the Jacksonville Jaguars' unveiling of new uniforms Tuesday.

I'll leave the style evaluations to Paul and you guys. Generally speaking, it appears the Vikings have a modernized version of their throwbacks, if that makes sense. It doesn't look, at least from this photo, that the shade of purple has changed much. And whether the Vikings will always wear purple pants on the road or just have that option isn't clear.

But, as they say, a picture is worth 1,000 words. Here you go: