Next domino: Aaron Rodgers gets new deal

We've been expecting the Green Bay Packers to sign quarterback Aaron Rodgers to a long-term contract extension for some time, and on Friday afternoon -- as the second round of the 2013 draft approached -- the team announced a deal.

We don't have any details at the moment. Rodgers is scheduled to speak with reporters soon at Lambeau Field. For now, let's circle back on some of the important themes we've discussed in anticipation of this event.

It was pointless to expect Rodgers to seek a "hometown discount" from the Packers. The best he could do is agree to a salary-cap structure that didn't cripple the Packers in later years. It's assumed Rodgers will be the highest-paid player in the NFL after today.

Linebacker Clay Matthews' new $69.7 million deal contains rising salary-cap figures over time. Does that mean Rodgers' deal will be front-loaded?

The Packers achieved a remarkable and rare transition from Brett Favre to Rodgers, but it will be costly. The combined salaries of Favre and Rodgers, through the presumed end of this new contract extension, could approach $300 million.

More in a bit as this story develops.