Mailbag: What about Desmond Bishop?

Based on your feedback, at least, I didn't have all of my rocks in the box, or something like that, in writing the Green Bay Packers' portion of Friday's "Eight in the Box" series.

The assignment was to name a player whose health/recovery is vital to his team's success in 2013. For the Packers, I named offensive lineman Derek Sherrod and also mentioned tight end Andrew Quarless.

Phil of Platteville, Wis., begged to differ: "In response to your 'Eight in the Box' about players returning from injury: what about Desmond Bishop for the Packers? He was a big part of the defense in 2010 and '11 but missed all last year. It's still not clear whether he'll be able to return to the same level of play, but he has as good a chance as Sherrod and Quarless.

So did Bill of Lakeland, Minn.: "The one KEY player returning from injury to Green Bay is Nick Perry."

I can see both of those nominations, especially Bishop. His original omission probably reflects my own uncertainty about his future. The Packers' decision to give backup Brad Jones a contract that pays him $4 million this season continues to raise questions in my mind, even after the release of D.J. Smith.

I'm not sure how confident the Packers are in Bishop's return from a torn leg muscle. There is no doubt, however, that he would help their run defense and physicality if he can return to previous form.