Super Bowl at Lambeau? You can't handle it

As ESPN.com's Ashley Fox acknowledges, Lambeau Field as the host for Super Bowl L "will never happen."

You know why?

The high-rolling Super Bowl crowd couldn't handle it.

It's one thing to make an exception to the dome/warm weather routine for New York City, the largest city in the country and the site of the $1.2 billion MetLife Stadium. It's quite another to bring the league's singular event to Green Bay.

In New York, organizers are worried about sub-freezing temperatures at kickoff. The city's average high in January is 38 degrees and its average low is 27 degrees. In Green Bay, where the average low at that time of year is a crisp 9 degrees, they would be concerned about sub-arctic temperatures.

As you might know, the people who attend Super Bowls are a mix of corporate sponsors, celebrities, people to whom favors are owed, NFL season ticket holders and a small group of each participating team's fans and family. That crew can probably make it through a 30-degree game in New York. But how many of them -- how many of us, really -- would want to try sitting through a single-digit game at Lambeau?

(Think Brett Favre at the 2007 NFC Championship Game.)

Packers season ticket holders are quite literally a special breed. They know how to deal with frigid temperatures. It's in their blood. Outsiders? Good luck and pack an extra blaze-orange.

A Super Bowl at Lambeau Field is like a lot of things: It sounds good in theory but would be miserable in practice for the NFL's highest-paying customers.