'You were who we thought you were'

Congratulations to the Arizona Cardinals, who for the time being at least have won the unofficial contest for best reaction to Brian Urlacher's retirement with this tweet:

You were who we thought you were. Congrats. RT @BUrlacher54: It was an honor to play my entire career for the @ChicagoBears.

The reference, of course, is to what almost certainly was the best game of Urlacher's career. In the Chicago Bears' legendary 24-23 victory over the Cardinals, Urlacher finished with 25 tackles (according to the Bears' coaching film), two quarterback hurries, two pass breakups and a forced fumble.

Afterward, then-Cardinals coach Dennis Green unloaded with his own legendary reaction, saying the Bears "are who we thought they were" and that the Cardinals "let them off the hook." It wasn't the proudest moment in Cardinals history, so kudos to them for making light of it to honor an opponent's retirement.