Angelo on his receivers

Posted by ESPN.com’s Kevin Seifert

For the final word on Chicago’s lack of interest in receiver Chris Chambers -- and, for that matter, any veteran wideout -- we defer to Bears general manager Jerry Angelo. As we noted earlier Wednesday, the Bears did not put in a claim on Chambers, who ended up with Kansas City.

In an interview with the Bears’ Web site, here’s what Angelo said:

“We like our receivers. When you bring a veteran like Chambers in, you have to have an immediate plan for him. We only dress four receivers as a rule on game day, and Rashied Davis is our fourth who does a great job for us as a special-teamer. Now, who are we going to sit: Earl [Bennett], Devin [Hester] or Johnny [Knox]? It doesn’t make sense to sit them because of their play and continued development also. In most cases, a player you bring in at this point is not going to have the familiarity they need with your system to help your football team right now.”

I agree with most of those points, although it’s not unusual to dress five receivers for a game. I think what Angelo meant is the Bears rarely use a formation that requires more than three receivers on the field.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been a surprise if the Bears had tried to claim Chambers. They weren’t interested in a veteran receiver before Bennett and Knox emerged as reliable options. So why would they be now?