Fantasy hint: Best Packers WR?

ESPN.com's Fantasy Roundtable hits a topic that is pretty difficult to answer: How would you rank the Green Bay Packers' receivers from a fantasy perspective?

Touchdowns are most important, of course, and last season James Jones led all NFL receivers with 14 scoring receptions. But as the panelists noted, in 2011 the Packers' leading receiver in terms of touchdowns was Jordy Nelson (15). And we haven't even mentioned Randall Cobb, whom most conventional observers project as the Packers' top receiver in 2013.

It makes sense to predict Cobb will get more targets/touches than either Jones or Nelson this season. But opportunities haven't always correlated with touchdowns in recent Packers history. Last season, Jones had fewer targets (98) than Cobb (102) but had six more touchdowns. In 2011, Nelson's 15 touchdowns came on only 94 targets. Greg Jennings had nine touchdown receptions that season on 99 targets.

If anything, the fantasy panel concludes, expecting a repeat of Jones' 2012 scoring performance is risky at best.