ChatWrap: Futures of Schwartz, Frazier

The NFC North was busier than I thought it would be this week (silly me). We had the potential of intradivision division movement by linebacker Desmond Bishop as well as what turned out to be an extended stay at the Minnesota Vikings' mandatory minicamp.

It's taken a few days, but I'm now passing along the transcript of Tuesday SportsNation chat along with an excerpt of one of the more intriguing topics we touched on: The job security of Detroit Lions coach Jim Schwartz and Vikings coach Leslie Frazier.

The relevant exchanges:

brian (michigan)

how hot is Schwartz' seat What record would save his job, in your opinion?

Kevin Seifert (2:44 PM)

Not white hot. Yellow, maybe? I would say he needs a winning record to ensure a return. Otherwise, he will have had one winning season among five.

J in FLA (Cocoa, FL)

Who's on the hotter hot seat? Frazier or Schwartz?

Kevin Seifert (2:44 PM)

I guess Frazier, in a weird way. A winning record might not get him a new contract if the Vikings don't make the playoffs.

Although money won't be the primary factor in deciding the fate of either coach, it's worth noting that Schwartz's contract runs through 2015 while Frazier is signed only through 2014. So the Lions almost certainly would have to pay out more money if they fire Schwartz than if the Vikings fire Frazier after this season.