Desmond Bishop: Nothing 'set in stone'

New Minnesota Vikings linebacker Desmond Bishop is making the interview rounds Tuesday, speaking to the NFL Network and Pro Football Talk ahead of a scheduled appearance during the 5 p.m. ET hour on NFL32. We've already discussed his motivation to play against Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, but I wanted to bring to your attention his response when asked by PFT about his likely position for 2013.

As you know, the Vikings have moved Erin Henderson from outside to middle linebacker. Bishop also projects as a middle linebacker but could play outside as needed. It appears the Vikings haven't addressed the fine print with him just yet.

"They told me that all the positions were interchangeable," Bishop said. "So nothing that's set in stone. I feel like I'm versatile. I could play middle or the two outside [positions]. We can see how that will unfold during training camp."

I'm not too concerned about where Bishop and/or Henderson practice during training camp, but as we discussed Monday, I would be interested in hearing the argument for playing him outside while Henderson plays inside.