ChatWrap: Future of Tramon Williams

Somehow, and I'm not exactly sure why, Tuesday's SportsNation chat veered into a discussion on the future of Green Bay Packers cornerback Tramon Williams.

In my head, I have a vision of Williams as a relatively new starter and a not-too-distant member of the Packers' practice squad. The truth, of course, is that he is heading into his fourth season as a full-time starter. He turned 30 in March and has two years remaining on the contract he signed in June 2009.

The relevant exchanges:

Eric (NJ)

Is this going to be Tramon Williams' last season in Green Bay? He has 2 seasons left on his deal, but he is on the wrong side of 30, there are young players emerging at his position, and the Packers would save nearly 7 million dollars by letting him go after this season.

Kevin Seifert (2:47 PM)

It's definitely a question to be asked. The Packers have a well-defined approach in this regard. Although it makes me feel old to think that Tramon Williams is getting old.

Eric (NJ)

Kevin, call it, will Tramon Williams be playing for the Vikings in 2014?

Kevin Seifert (2:49 PM)

Ha! As usual, they could do worse.

Too much is left unknown for us to make a real call on Williams. His contract calls for him to have a $9.5 million salary cap number in 2014, and it's worth noting that the Packers weren't willing to enter this season with Charles Woodson's $10 million cap hit. And while we shouldn't judge cornerbacks only on interceptions, the fact remains that he has six in his past two seasons after tallying 15 over the previous three. Releasing him would save $7.5 million against the 2014 cap, if my calculations are accurate.

Williams is 6 1/2 years younger than Woodson and could render the issue moot with a good season in 2013. If not, Eric's question will move to the front burner.