Jaws' QB rankings: Jay Cutler No. 14

Clearly influenced by our preceding post on the crossroads nature of Jay Cutler's 2013 season, ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski has dropped him out of the top 10 of his annual quarterback rankings.

Cutler checks in this year at No. 14, six spots lower than his standing with Jaworski last season. In a SportsCenter/NFL Live segment that first aired Tuesday, Jaworski said Cutler's talent "does not always match his production."

To be fair, Jaworski walked viewers through a sophisticated and technically-perfect read and throw Cutler made last season on a touchdown pass to receiver Alshon Jeffery. Here is a portion of his analysis thereafter:

"Cutler has always been willing to pull the trigger, especially against man-to-man coverage. He has an aggressive mindset, dating back to his days at Vanderbilt. At times that mentality produced reckless, undisciplined play, bad decisions, scattershot throws.

"The result was Cutler rarely played with the kind of discipline that leads to week-to-week consistency. That will be put to the test under new head coach Marc Trestman.

"Trestman preaches timing and precision, repetition and strict execution. It will be fascinating to watch Cutler in training camp. He has now played seven years in the NFL. The talent is unmistakable. The lack of consistency is agonizing. Cutler should be a top 10 quarterback every season. This might be the year."

Earlier: Jaworski ranked quarterback Christian Ponder of the Minnesota Vikings No. 27 overall and placed the Detroit Lions' Matthew Stafford at No. 16 overall.