BBAO: On Brian Urlacher's comments

We're Black and Blue All Over:

Recent comments by Chicago Bears middle linebacker Brian Urlacher seem neither vindictive nor controversial to me. Rather, they appear more like the honest musings of a player whose retirement was abrupt and still a bit raw to the senses.

As you might be aware, Urlacher told NFL.com that he is rooting for the Bears this season. But he added: "They better not win a championship without me, because I'll be really [ticked]."

Everyone can read into that what they want. All I see is a player acknowledging it would be personally painful to see the team reach the one accomplishment he couldn't during his career. The pain wouldn't derive from jealousy or a feeling that he wasn't needed in a Super Bowl run. Instead, I'm guessing Urlacher knows how disappointed he would be to have missed out on the experience.

Let's end our week on a positive interpretation, shall we?

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