Jaws' QB rankings: Aaron Rodgers No. 1

Ron Jaworski's placement of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers atop his annual rankings caused nary a ripple among you, at least based on what I could tell Monday via Twitter. (You're fired up about the decision to put the Baltimore Ravens' Joe Flacco in his top five, rather than the New Orleans Saints' Drew Brees, but fortunately that's not my department.)

In discussing the rankings on "SportsCenter" and "NFL Live," Jaworski called Rodgers "the most physically-gifted quarterback in the NFL" because of his fully developed menu of skills. Rodgers has "arm strength, release, accuracy, movement, toughness -- the total package," Jaworski said. "No quarterback is better avoiding, escaping, moving, then delivering the football with velocity and accuracy."

He continued:

"Rodgers’ ability to throw from different arm angles and platforms is unmatched. It was demanded more than ever in 2012 behind a struggling offensive line. While Rodgers is not a runner, he always poses a dangerous threat when running opportunities present themselves. When you evaluate all the attributes and traits that comprise high-level quarterback play in the NFL, Rodgers is at the top of the list."

In the end, the rankings came down to Rodgers and the Denver Broncos' Peyton Manning. Grantland.com's Bill Barnwell took a closer look at their seasons in 2012, noting that Manning had a slight edge in gross statistics but also pointing out Rodgers' substantial advantage as a runner as well as the Packers' far more difficult schedule.

Earlier: Jaworski ranked quarterback Christian Ponder of the Minnesota Vikings No. 27 overall and placed the Detroit Lions' Matthew Stafford at No. 16 overall. Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler was ranked No. 14.