'When you put on that purple ...'

Has Greg Jennings' consistent offseason poking of the Green Bay Packers aroused the bear? Coach Mike McCarthy did his best Thursday to play down Jennings' latest round of comments about quarterback Aaron Rodgers, but McCarthy did so with more edge and humor than he typically displays in public.

Asked how he has taken Jennings' jabs, McCarthy laughed and referenced the color of Jennings' new jersey with the Minnesota Vikings.

"Well, you know, when you put on that purple, something happens to you," he said. "I don't know. Greg was a great player for us. We had a lot of great moments, and he was fun to coach."

On a more serious note, McCarthy strongly backed Rodgers' leadership skills.

"He obviously puts a lot of time and energy into it and it's really reflected in the little things that no one really sees," McCarthy said. "To me that's really the definition of a true leader, the ability to stack the individual moments with individuals throughout not only the locker room but throughout the building, particularly in the football operations department. I just think it's really an outstanding [way] of going about it.

"Now, everybody grows and hits some bumps and twists and turns along the way, but he is very committed, very in tune with what's in the best interests of the football team. I'm very proud of him, just the way that he has taken that responsibility and feels that it will be greater than ever going into this season."

Next up: Rodgers. The Packers' first media access for players is scheduled for Friday. I'm not sure if Rodgers will speak Friday, but eventually he will face questions about Jennings, Ryan Braun and everything else under the sun.