Video: Cordarrelle Patterson's 'flash'

Cordarelle Patterson's Training Session (3:20)

Vikings WR Cordarelle Patterson invites cameras in and talks about training for his upcoming NFL rookie season. (3:20)

MANKATO, Minn. -- I noted Friday evening that rookie receiver Cordarrelle Patterson made the highlight catch of the Minnesota Vikings' first day of training camp, albeit with the help of some poor defensive coverage. In this training video, you'll get a better sense of Patterson's personality and appreciate the brakes he applied when given multiple opportunities to fulfill the stereotypical role of confident wide receivers.

Patterson, of course, did acknowledge that his nickname is "Flash" and that he believes his personal style is so superior that "once I step out, my friends don't want to hang with me" because he looks too good.

He also made clear that when he makes his first big NFL catch, he will "do something flashy to make sure everybody know me."