BBAO: What Vikings knew on Percy Harvin

We're Black and Blue All Over:

Many of you probably woke up this morning, learned that Seattle Seahawks receiver Percy Harvin will undergo hip surgery -- a procedure that will cost him much of the season -- and felt much better about the Minnesota Vikings' decision to trade him this spring. So I want to be clear on a few things.

Let's not pretend the Vikings foresaw this specific issue arising. If he had a hip injury before the trade, it would have surfaced in the Seahawks' physical. But as we've discussed many times, weird things always seem to happen around Harvin. Some of them are of his own doing, and in this case, Harvin apparently had the option to play with the injury but decided against it.

If anything, the Vikings knew that Harvin lives in PercyWorld, a destination with only one inhabitant. In PercyWorld, it's impossible to predict what will happen next and how it will affect your team. The Vikings weren't willing to take it any further, and now the Seahawks have a taste at least of why.

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