Mike Tice delivers $100K cheap shot (!)

News broke Friday morning that former NFC North coach Mike Tice won $100,796.20 at a horse track, and I'll admit that my first thought was a total cheap shot. So I didn't write it and wasn't planning to in the future -- until Tice went on a Twin Cities radio station and delivered it himself.

Speaking to KFAN-100.3, Tice said: "I finally made my $100,000 fine back from selling those Super Bowl tickets."

Yes, as you might recall, Tice paid the NFL $100,000 in 2005 for scalping his Super Bowl tickets when he was the Minnesota Vikings' head coach. Tice spent two seasons as the Chicago Bears' offensive line coach and one as its offensive coordinator before the team fired most of its staff in January.

Regardless, it's not a cheap shot when the target of the proposed cheap shot instead cheap shots himself, right? That's my rule, at least.