Uni Watch Power Rankings: NFC North

Checking in on Paul Lukas' 2013 Power Rankings for NFL uniforms:

1. Chicago Bears

Last year: 1

Uni Watch excerpt: "No other team looks as consistently sharp week after week, no matter if they're playing at home or on the road. Key element: the striped socks, which tie the whole look together."

Seifert comment: No reason to mess with success. The Bears have been trotting out essentially the same uniform for decades, and for good reason.

2. Green Bay Packers

Last year: 2

Uni Watch excerpt: "Still the perfect autumnal color pattern for an autumn sport. Poised to snag the top spot on the NFL chart if only they'd address those distractingly large TV numbers."

Seifert comment: You know you're watching a Packers game the second you see the jersey. That's kind of the point, right?

17. Minnesota Vikings

Last year: 31

Uni Watch excerpt: "The Vikes' return to aesthetic respectability carries the whiff of Nikefied gimmickry: the odd sleeve stripes and asymmetrical pants stripes, the weird numbering system, the matte helmet that doesn't appear to match the jersey -- all of this is unnecessary. Still, it's all so much better than what they were wearing before that it qualifies as a major leap forward."

Seifert comment: This year's changes are relatively subtle, but a big improvement.

27. Detroit Lions

Last year: 26

Uni Watch excerpt: "Every stripe, every numeral, every letter, the color break in the socks, the helmet logo, the facemask -- all accented in black. Look, gang, here's how it works: You've got that Honolulu blue thing going. You should own that color. Don't tart it up with black."

Seifert comment: How about the Lions introduce an alternative uniform that includes black jerseys and pants to go along with that black trim? That might look cool.