Angelo expects Harris back better than ever

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
DETROIT -- After returning from a quick stroll on the Ford Field concourse, we found Chicago general manager Jerry Angelo preparing to talk with a group of Chicago-area reporters.

(Quick aside on Ford Field pre-game: Lots of Bears fans. Otherwise, to steal a quote from "Swingers," this place is dead.)

Angelo spoke this weekend with suspended defensive tackle Tommie Harris. Harris is expected to re-join the team Monday, and following the conversation, Angelo said: "I feel we've got a better understanding -- he of us and us of him."

The Bears suspended Harris for Sunday's game, reportedly because he was late for a rehabilitation assignment. Harris apparently told the Bears the same thing he has said publicly: That the punishment was harsh because he is having a difficult time dealing with a child he fathered out of wedlock.

Angelo said Harris "lost his focus" and that the team wanted to "get his attention." Harris doesn't have a sack this season and has been slowed by a knee injury, but Angelo said the Bears are confident he will return to his previous form soon.

"He's not done the things that we're used to seeing him do," Angelo said. "But when I look at him, there are certain pockets of his play that he looks just like Tommie. We just haven't seen a consistent Tommie for 60 minutes. That's what we're looking for, so that's what I feel we're going to see starting this week."

Angelo was asked if there was any concern that the knee injury is worse than advertised.

"No," Angelo said. "We knew that there were health issues that we talked about. But we were comfortable with them. ... It's not about that. He made the statement that nobody plays at 100 percent. We're understanding of that. But he's got plenty in the tank to be the special player that we paid him to be and that we know he can be."

Meanwhile, Angelo also said first-round draft pick Chris Williams has recovered surgery to repair a herniated disc and is ready to play "at any time." Williams probably needs a few more weeks to work on conditioning, and ultimately it will be up to coach Lovie Smith to determine how and when he will work Williams into the lineup.