Lions: On Reggie Bush's speed

As soon as he reached the open field, I figured he was gone. That's what Reggie Bush does when he hits full stride and has blockers in front of him, right?

So I'm guessing I wasn't the only surprised observer when cornerback Kyle Arrington tackled Bush at the New England Patriots' 13-yard line after a 67-yard screen play in the first quarter of the Detroit Lions' eventual 40-9 preseason victory.

Did Bush, who now has seven years of NFL pounding on his 28-year-old body, get caught from behind?

I'll admit that was my first thought when watching the game live Thursday night. Upon taking a second look, however, it seemed pretty clear that Bush slowed down as he sprinted down the right sideline. Patriots safety Devin McCourty was in position in front of him, and Bush looked like he was trying to cut inside him when Arrington tackled him.

"I was pretty upset that I got caught," Bush told reporters after the game. "It was a good job by Matt [Stafford] getting the ball to me. The offensive line did a great job getting out there hustling and getting some blocks for me then springing me loose. I was kind of waiting on the blocks down the field and [Brandon] Pettigrew was in front of me, [Patrick] Edwards was also in front of me. They were blocking so I was kind of slow playing and letting them make their blocks and I should've just took off and just ran. Nevertheless, I thought it was a good play and it gave us a lot of momentum early on."

While no one will turn down a 67-yard play, the remainder of that possession offered a classic example of why you can't take a subsequent touchdown for granted. Rookie guard Larry Warford jumped offside on the next play and Stafford then overthrew Edwards in the end zone. Ultimately, the Lions settled for David Akers' 23-yard field goal.

In the bigger picture, however, I would be more concerned if Arrington caught up to Bush when both were running full speed. A second look at the play revealed they were not.