Around the Horns: Vikings and Kaepernick

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As the keener observers of this feature will notice, we've got a different name than the placeholder title (Around the Vikings Beat) that we had yesterday. Well, thanks to commenter Calvin Wessels, whose submission was both the first and cleverest suggestion I received yesterday, we've got our new name for our daily rundown of Vikings news. For those of you who don't like a daily roundup post, there'll be plenty of other stuff to suit your tastes later in the day. This will be a regular morning feature, though.

Moving on...

The Vikings were one of the first teams to get a glimpse of Colin Kaepernick, and the force of change he was about to send whipping through the league, when they faced him in their third preseason game last year. Dan Wiederer of the Star Tribune recalls that night, when Kaepernick ran 78 yards for a touchdown on a read-option play and threw for another 40 yards. Robert Griffin III took off for a 76-yard touchdown in the regular season against the Vikings last year, but Kaepernick's jaunt probably set off some concern within the Vikings coaching staff six weeks before that game. And as the Vikings face Kaepernick again tonight, we might get a glimpse of how they've progressed against read-option attacks since last year.

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