Morning Roar: McIntosh explains his return

Good morning and ROOOAAARRR!!!!!

It had been a stressful couple of days for Detroit Lions linebacker Rocky McIntosh after he was cut from the Lions on Sunday.

But even as he was being released, he had a feeling it wouldn't be his last time in Detroit. The Lions kept just five linebackers and would be moving running back Montell Owens to short-term injured reserve a couple of days later.

So McIntosh had a good feeling he would be back. Still, until it actually happens, there can be some moments of doubt.

"You're sitting there, waiting for that phone call," McIntosh, now back with the Lions, told ESPN.com on Thursday. "It almost brought me back to draft day. Just sitting and waiting to get a call.

"It could be kind of nerve-racking."

His NFL draft wait was a bit shorter, as he selected in the second round in 2006 by Washington. Now, McIntosh wanted to return to Detroit if possible because he already started to pick up the playbook. He just needed to re-learn some of the terminology over the past couple of days.

His first test, if he is active Sunday, comes against the best running back in the league -- Adrian Peterson.

With McIntosh back with the team, here's a look at the Lions from the rest of the Interwebs: