Locker Room Buzz: Minnesota Vikings

DETROIT -- Observed in the locker room following the Minnesota Vikings' 34-24 loss to the Detroit Lions.

Disappointing loss: The Vikings led 14-6 thanks to numerous Lions miscues, but that only amplified players' frustration over four turnovers and some costly fourth-quarter penalties. "This is a game I felt like we gave away," said running back Adrian Peterson, who fumbled after Christian Ponder tripped trying to hand him the ball in the second half.

Sullivan OK, but Vikings irked: Center John Sullivan's left knee -- which underwent microfracture surgery after last season -- was wrapped up after a low block from Ndamukong Suh on DeAndre Levy's second-quarter interception return. But Sullivan, who finished the game, said he would be fine. That didn't stop the Vikings, who were already without Kevin Williams because of Joe Looney's low block two weeks ago, from criticizing Suh. "He's a good dude, but that's uncalled for," defensive end Jared Allen said. "This is a fraternity. In the NFL, you try to take care of guys. Things happen, and guys are going to make hits. But you can't take a dude's legs out from behind on an interception return down the field."

Catchable ball? Rookie cornerback Xavier Rhodes' pass interference penalty kept the Lions' final touchdown drive alive, but Rhodes said he didn't think Matthew Stafford's pass to Calvin Johnson was catchable. "I feel like it wasn't catchable, but at the same time, I have to get my hands off the receiver past 5 [yards]," Rhodes said. "I can't give the referee a reason to throw a flag."