Power Rankings: No. 7 Green Bay Packers

A weekly examination of the Packers’ ESPN.com Power Ranking:

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The Packers dropped two spots overall but remained fourth in the NFC, which at this point is what really matters. That’s exactly where they were in the NFC hierarchy in last week’s preseason poll. They remain behind San Francisco, Seattle and Atlanta.

It’s clear the panel of voters wasn’t overly bothered by the Packers’ 34-28 loss at the 49ers, who moved into the top spot this week. Presumably, the voters liked the fact that quarterback Aaron Rodgers had a big day throwing the ball to Jordy Nelson (seven catches for 130 yards and one touchdown) and Randall Cobb (seven catches for 108 yards and one touchdown) and that the Packers were in the game until the end, even leading 28-24 after Eddie Lacy’s 2-yard touchdown run with 8:26 to play.

The voters still view the Packers as the top team in the NFC North. Despite being 0-1, the Packers are ranked ahead of the two 1-0 NFC North teams, Chicago (No. 9) and Detroit (No. 18).

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