Bears not worried Webb gives Vikes edge

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- The Chicago Bears seemed more concerned about their collective sweet tooth than they are about J'Marcus Webb revealing their secrets.

Webb was cut by the Bears at the end of the preseason before signing with the Minnesota Vikings, who will be at Soldier Field on Saturday.

Asked if he had a chance to join “J-Webb Nation”, the name Webb bestowed upon his social media followers, before Webb switched allegiances in the NFC North, Bears tight end Martellus Bennett had a revelation of a different kind.

“No, but I did eat his apple fritters,” Bennett said. “He used to bring apple fritters and I ate them, so I guess I was a part of J-Webb Nation. He kept him in his locker and like today, we would have J-Webb fritters. They were good, too. They were hot and moist. I always asked where he got them from.”

In all seriousness, the Bears claim that their concerns are minimal that Webb will give the Vikings an advantage when it comes to play-calling.

“We feel confident in our system and there are many ways to call plays, more than just one way to make our calls up front,” offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer said. “We don’t feel any threat in that matter.”

Of course, Bennett had his own unique look at the situation when told that Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier was going to go to Webb for Bears insight.

“Any good general or colonel, if you get a spy as a prisoner of war, you always want to get as much information as you can,” Bennett said.